Contrast between Regulation for Production and Filling Licensing of Special Equipment and Basic Requirements for Special Equipment... State Administration for Market Regulation has released Regulation for Production and Filling Licensing of Special Equipment on May 13th, which would take effect on June 1st. The Regulation has mentioned that the Basic Requirements for Special Equipment Quality Assurance System on Manufacture Installation Alteration and Repair would be abolished simultaneously in Article 4.6...In Detail
NETWORK RAIL WORKS TO IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION Network Rail, owner and manager of most of the railway network in Great Britain, is working to implement a competition-winning idea that would make accessibility information for passengers more available. The idea came from a rail industry initiative to provide a railway that is inclusive for everyone, called the Access for All programme. The plan is to provide passengers with better information about elevators and escalators at railway stations with a publicly accessible...In Detail
JUDGE RULES LAWSUIT FOR MORE ELEVATORS CAN MOVE FORWARD A judge ruled that a class-action lawsuit against the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) regarding a lack of elevators in the subway system can move forward, ABC EyeWitnessNews reports. Advocates argue the MTA is in violation of the NYC Human Rights Law. Currently, 25% of the subway stations are accessible to people with disabilities, but activists say those elevators often don’t work. The MTA says it has funding in place to make 50 additional stations more accessible by 2034... In Detail
THYSSENKRUPP EXPANDS TENNESSEE PRESENCE WITH ACQUISITION Thyssenkrupp has acquired Nashville Machine Elevator (NME), a 130-employee division of Nashville, Tennessee-based Nashville Machine Co. NME is the largest full-service elevator company in middle Tennessee, serving the region for nearly 100 years. The office will be integrated into thyssenkrupp as one of its Southeast branches, joining locations in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Memphis. All NME employees will be given the opportunity to join thyssenkrupp. Steve Wedge...In Detail
NY LEGISLATURE PUSHES FOR ELEVATOR MECHANIC LICENSING The New York state Senate unanimously passed a bill that would mandate licensing for elevator mechanics, The Real Deal reports. Sen. Diane Savino, the Democratic sponsor of the bill, says, “The numbers of elevator incidents and workplace deaths is a national shame.” According to the NYC Department of Buildings, at least 22 people were killed in passenger elevators or shafts in the city between 2010 and 2018. There were also at least 500 incidents, with 48 of those resulting in serious injuries...In Detail

China Elevator Engineering Enterprise Alliance visited Huzhou Elevator Association...

Chairman of China Elevator Engineering Enterprise Alliance Xin Jianguo has led its visit group of Zhengzhou Elevator Association to Huzhou Elevator Chamber of Commerce and its membership companies during 23rd to 25th, May. On the last day of May 25th, Qian Jiang, Councilor of Huzhou Elevator Association and President of G.Loong, has welcome the visit group in G.Loong Elevator Factory in Giant Industrial...In Detail

Thyssenkrupp streamlining its structure in China Thyssenkrupp China has made several adjustments in streamlining its structure. The former Vice President of Operation Zhou Jianrong and General Manager of East Region Zhang Ping has resigned last month, and afterwards thyssenkrupp has leased its restricting announcement again on June 1st... In Detail
Pilot project in Suzhou: elevators maintenance every quarter and inspection every 2 years To further the reform of delegating the government and optimizing the service, Suzhou has encouraged full-service for elevator equipment according to Pilot Reform of Elevator On-Demand Maintenance in Suzhou. The maintenance cycle could be confirmed on whether an elevator has been equipped with IoT real-time inspection system, and the longest cycle could reach 3 months... In Detail

New policies in elevator installing projects in Qingdao, Shandong

Guide to install elevators to existing residential buildings in Qingdao has been formulated by Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, along with Finance Bureau of Qingdao, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Qingdao and local Market Supervision Bureau, further making specifications of the process for elevator installing to residential buildings. The Guide has mentioned that the subsidies from municipal and district government would be paid for one time...In Detail

Maintenance Branch of Huzhou Elevator Trade Association formed The day of May 30th has witnessed the establishment of Maintenance Branch of Huzhou Elevator Trade Association, directed by Huzhou Market Supervision Bureau...In Detail Spring comes in elevator industry: national elevator demand ... With 3.6% higher than the figure of the whole year of 2018, the building area under construction in the first 4 months in 2019 has grown up by 8.8% compared to the same periodr... In Detail
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